This was me 50 years ago--sans computer!

Brief bit about me:

Long retired from instructing Literacy/Numeracy, and Computer Studies classes in the ABE section of Malaspina University's Parksville campus (now VIU), I now spend my time expanding my computer skills (a Linux convert now), 'playing' with friends and family, socializing with several great card & game-playing groups, gardening, reading, following world politics (left-leaning suits me best), supporting food & seed security initiatives, plus the Dying with Dignity movement. I also try to keep up a minimal level of maintenance of my acreage.

Web development is also an interest of mine. Not only have I taught this subject, I have an Associate Certificate from BCIT confirming that (in spite of my advanced age!), I actually do know something about web development. I rarely build sites for other people/businesses now. However, at this time, September, 2016, I'm building a very "plain-Jane" site for our local Seedy Saturday group--I definitely went for function over form--may change it later if the group, or I, really don't like it. If you'd like to view it, here's the link: Also, for years, I've built and maintained a web site for my accountant in Toronto, Don DeWolfe. Two years ago, I built him a shiny new site, namely, this one: I only mention these activities so that I can say that I'm available for consultation regarding choosing domain names, purchasing domains, choosing your domain's hosting company, plus outlining the various choices available for development, or improvement, of your web site.

I prefer to consult in person, and at my home in Errington. Therefore, the pool of potential clients is very small, but you may be one who is willing to consult at my home. If you're interested, please e-mail: (Fee?: $50 per hour)

Enough for now. Talk later. LP

(The photo? Why, yes, the woman in the photo was almost me 50 years ago--sans computer of course! :-))